Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Dresses Sample Styled by Kassi

pre-wedding photoshoot outfit

I talk a lot about pre-wedding photoshoots on my blogs. This photoshoot will take place after you have chosen your wedding dress.

Most of your wedding day is planned. The next step is to continue with a little bit more fun building anticipation before your wedding day.

It's because I cannot stress the fact that it is really important for you as Bride&Groom and me as your Wedding Photographer, to get to know each other before the day of your wedding. 

The result of the shoot will be that you will get the feel of what it's like to be in front of the camera and I will get a feel of how to direct you in a relaxed and natural way when on your wedding day.

Every couple is unique and requires a special approach and a pre-wedding photoshoot directs me as a photographer to achieving the best result on your wedding day.

So here's a few suggestions on how to style your clothes for a pre-wedding photoshoot dress.

Kassi, a fashion blogger and stylist, has modelled for me 2 outfits. My goal at every shoot is to have an outfit change. It opens my couples up as personalities and gives more photographic variety as a result.

The first outfit that we start off with is casual, everyday YOU. You can dress it up with fun accessories like a backpack and comfy shoes to help you relax into the photoshoot.

The second outfit will be dressy. I love this part of the shoot as you are already relaxed into it and we can create stronger, more natural and romantic images that will somewhat resemble your wedding day mood.

It's like they say, the outfit defines your posture, your mood and your demeanour!


You can add various things to personalise your outfit, like a fun jacket or flowers.

Now you can style your own pre-wedding photoshoot dress according to these samples.

The exact same principle applies to your fiancé! 

If you still haven't chosen your wedding dress or you know someone who may use the tips click here to get the full guide.