Cats and Me


Everyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a cat soul. An interesting fact about me it is that I have never spent any time living anywhere without a cat. They have always been a part of my life since I was a kid. Even when I lived in Moscow I had a Scottish Fold kitty cat named Maggie. 

Today, still living with my folks, (it has been a slower transition for me moving back from Moscow than I expected) we have 5 cats. Oh yes, you heard me right, 5 kitties. It sounds crazy but you'd be surprised how invisible they can be. Apart from the morning and evening feeding times. Each one has a character, they like doing their own things and they are pretty independent. They have their own sleeping spaces and they are well behaved and ... in general the sweetest things ever.

We initially had one cat that brought home a... what we called at the time, his fiancè... Missy was a wild cat and wouldn't even enter the house for ages. But when she did, she didn't come empty handed. She had a litter of kittens. And that's how 5 cats came about, now all nurtured and happy balls of fluff. So no more cats!

Do I still like dogs? I do. I love dogs. In fact I do want a dog and a cat, as long as they are both fluffy, I'm cool with that. Although dogs are the ones who look for love, with cats, you gotta give them time to get to know you and love you in return. Cats are more like humans in my mind... They take their time warming up to you, they are independent.. and sometimes you think that they don't care about you, but they are more sensitive than that...

If you would describe my character, I'd probably be more of a 'human dog personality'  than a 'human cat personality'... just because I'm so needy. Cats aren't THAT needy.

All things cats and all things fluffy.. and you won't go wrong with a birthday present for me :D

Today on the blog below, starring Tosha (black) and Charlie (tabbie).