I believe you.

I love starting Mondays with an insight that I gained during last week. Oh what a week indeed. I've been pondering over the question of self belief and self confidence over a long, long time. Today I want to address it in a little more detail.

Have you ever watched movies where someone is starting out in a business and all they really need is a little more belief in themselves, because everyone else around them believes in them already. It's that simple secret ingredient that takes so much time and effort to develop, it's almost hard to believe that it's the finishing touch that will turn things around.

In all honesty people don't really care if you're not doing so well. Do you care when someone else's business isn't doing well? Would you want to collaborate with someone who is struggling? No I don't think so. And I don't think that you aren't doing so well either. All it takes is almost like in that cliché saying 'Count your blessings'. Sit down, and think about what you've achieved over the past 6/12/18 months and count every little thing! I know that most of the time we aren't as busy as we want to be but if you let the world know that you are doing well and that you are a big success, it will believe you, because you will too.

I've been going about telling people how things aren't going well for me for ages until I had a spark and I looked at my calendar and realised that I'm busy every single day! That there are new opportunities that I haven't even realised were there and damn, I'm doing well! Not in comparison to anyone. Remember that, don't compare yourself to anyone. Everyone has different circumstances. You only do as well as you are capable of at this moment in time. And that's okay. I'm okay with that. Everyone else is certainly okay with that. Market the hell out of your little achievements to your friends, peers in the industry and to yourself. No one else will do that for you.

Today, if people ask me, how is the business going, I tell them great, I'm busy. And that is true because looking at my calendar, I am. Utilise it, people want to hear that, and so does your psyche. You would want to collaborate and do business with someone who projects a busy image on to the world, not he other way around, right? And count those blessings, because they are there!

Happy Monday!