I want relaxed photos on my wedding day!

Farmleigh House wedding photos

You want relaxed photos on your wedding day. No pressure, as if you're being photographed without you even knowing about it. And that's okay. How do you achieve that result, is it all about your wedding photographer making it work?

I have shot many couples that were so shy in front of the camera (and I gotta admit I am one of those people too) not knowing what to do, expecting a relaxed result. I direct all of my couples into setting into a pose, walking hand in hand, chatting amongst each other, joking with them in-between, all of which create a relaxed atmosphere during our sessions. So yes, the photographer plays a big part into making it work for you, depending on what sort of photography style they have. (More on photography styles here )

But here's the big tip if you're still a bit nervous! Keep moving. It's like a little dance, if you're not into dancing that's okay too! Here's two examples:

1. Face your partner, take their hands side by side, and keep taking steps towards each other and away from each other, while bending your hands in your elbows when you're moving closer to your partner. So it's like a little dance. Meanwhile you can be looking at each other, whispering something into their ear, looking at the camera and looking into the distance at the scenery around you.

2. Twirling! It's fun, I promise and it looks stunning in the photos. Twirl as if you're dancing, underneath your partners hand, letting your partner lead the way. Have him twirl you in and twirl you out!

The tip here is to keep on moving, whether it's your arms, your head, your body, keep them moving and I, the photographer, will catch those relaxed moments in between. It will make the atmosphere more relaxed, more fun and airy, which is necessary for your natural and fun looking wedding photographs!