Ireland A Popular Wedding Destination

I get more and more inquiries from couples back in the States and Canada wanting to get married in Ireland. And it has become a popular wedding destination for a lot of people. Whether it's because of the Luke Skywalker's scene in Star Wars or something else, I'm not really sure. But here's why it's a good decision to make Ireland your destination for your wedding!

Ireland is like a jewel, it has so many things to be discovered by newcomers on a relatively small island. And if the weather is nice and sunny it's so beautiful and unbelievably green and blue!

The main attraction here is that we have castles. Wedding Venues in Ireland such as Waterford Castle (THE coolest place to get to), Lough Rynn Castle, Castle Leslie, Barberstown Castle to mention the very few... The experience that goes with them is so different to anything else that you will have anywhere else. It has history and spirit and the scenery is breathtaking!

If you are getting married in Ireland, in a castle wedding venue or a private one, you can plan your whole honeymoon around the island. Visiting attractions, small islands down the west coast, waterfalls, lakes, the sea and the ocean so close to each-other. With a bit of planning you can make this destination a meaningful place for the rest of your married life! 

It is always a pleasure shooting with a couple from another continent to see their lit up faces and amazement in their faces which is pretty impossible to fake!