Light And Texture At National Botanic Gardens


A Sunday Stroll In National Botanic Gardens, Ireland Photos


This Sunday I picked up my camera and drove for a stroll in National Botanic Gardens. I had no expectations, no pressure. I just took the pictures that I wanted. These kind of walks bring out the creativity in me. They remind me why I became a photographer in the first place.

The texture of the surrounding vegetation struck me the most. It was easy to feel it because it was pronounced almost everywhere. You could see it in the tree trunks, in the walls, in the leaves of the plants.

The sun came out at the most unexpected moment. It happened when I just entered into a warm greenhouse from the cold outside. My lens got foggy and instead of wiping it off I snapped a couple of shots of the first thing I saw, the fern. Together with the sun shining through the glasshouse and the fog from the lens, an image of light and texture came to life. And that is why I became a photographer. To express my interior world out on to exterior combining the two to create an experience.