Make 'Time' Your Friend She Said...

Happy Monday Friends! Since everyone is falling into January blues, I'd like to lighten up the mood and just cheer you on, on whatever journey you are.

I didn't have any new years resolutions, hence no expectations whatsoever. And no matter how big your list is, if you did have them, some of it will definitely get done by you. It's a fact. 

I've been going down the deep end of comparing myself to others one more time out of so, so many! It happens a couple of times a year and it's so important to have a couple of people tell you that you're great in order for you to snap out of it. Everyone's path is different, everyone has their own struggles and consequences... Like I mean.. Even Bowie, who was one of the greatest show men out there died of cancer. So everything is relative if you think about it.

As my friend and I were eating cake yesterday - Happy Birthday Dear Kassi!!! -  (I can't seem to stay away from cake for over a month now, god bless my skin)... she said to me that we have to find patience in ourselves, determination and grace to keep on moving forward. I've heard the same thing from a completely different person and a close friend of mine that same evening... which only goes to show how that it's exactly what I have to do.

Having said that, I want to pass that on to you too. Make 'time' your best friend, find grace to know when to go with the flow and when to fight your way through. Be your own best friend and keep on writing those blogs, taking those photos, putting those gorgeous outfits together and find courage to keep on expressing yourself!

Happy Monday... 


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