Movie Night - Allied

Anyone else wanted to see Brad Pitt in action? And I mean.. in all sorts of actions! If you did want that, check this movie out ;)

While it seems like a confusing plot at the start, since I never read excerpts to a movie, it is somehow captivating. Fairytale, American polished assassination keeps us involved in the series of events... But it feels like somehow a big chunk of the movie is simply missing.

I won't spoil you the rest of it, although I didn't entirely like the film, it is a beautiful romantic story of two different souls. 

What I did get from it is that keeping it real in life is one of the most important parts of our existence. How you communicate, how you conduct business, how you relate to your friends and family. It is always a good idea to stay true to yourself and genuine in your emotions no matter what you do. Being like someone else or acting for someone else to like you is soul damaging and depressing. So here's to a great romantic story and to keeping it real!