Movie Night: Doctor Strange

Yesterday I went to see a strange movie about a strange concept. I was watching 'Bones' for far too long. It's a show that has no supernatural stuff going on in it whatsoever (11 seasons ...!), so I was craving for something supernatural.

This movie is well shot and seeing Benedict Cumberbatch in such a different type of role was interesting. I noticed that most of the talented people are all weird and arrogant and hard to live with? I really hoped the movie won't end up being cheesy and predictable, but all sci fi stories are. I like the idea of multiple realities (I love 'Inception') and but idea felt like it was simply unfinished! 

But hey, there's a lesson in everything. The most important motivational message that struck me is this. A lot of the time we don't think outside the box. We don't think past our fears and failures and the overall perception on us from the society. Being able to open up your mind, look at the world as if it has no barriers is too hard and scary. We are always made to believe, by someone or something, that what we want, is impossible. And we believe them!

Without taking risks by stepping into the unknown, there is no way we will ever be who we want to be. I'm not saying that anything is possible (like becoming a president of the United States), but the clearer the idea of what you want is, the easier it is to come to it. And of course, your journey, and possibly the result of that journey, is bound to change. Change is an inevitable part of our lives.