Movie Night - War Dogs


It's out tomorrow and I already saw it...! MAGGGGIIIC!

How do I not spoil it for you guys? Grab your popcorn, get your fizzy drinks and relax in your seats, it's going to be Hollywoody entertaining.

There's a lot to talk about when I think of this movie. There's a lot of unrealistic, absolutely absurd scenarios, there's fun moments, there's appalling moments and there is that human behaviour factor that I always look out for.

Jonah Hill is fat. And I mean since The Wolf of Wall Street he's gotten fatter. He's overwhelmingly charming and charismatic nonetheless. By the way if you like that movie, you'll like the War Dogs.

Okay, to the important stuff now. What struck me, and again, no spoilers intended, was that greed in a human being is bigger than the human being. When do things start to become messy in a business? When we need MORE MONEY. When a lot is not enough and we need more. Can I relate that to my business? Yeah, maybe sometimes I've lost some awesome bookings just because money was a priority for me at that point in time. And sometimes I didn't charge enough for the amount of work that I've done. It is really hard though when your needs and demands grow, to stay away from the subject of charging more, of getting a bigger slice of the cake. It then clouds our judgment, crushes our dreams and devalues our purpose of being a creative.

The subject of greed is so new to me as I'm still learning how to put an appropriate value on my work at an appropriate time. It comes with learning how to read people and how to read business opportunities while still focusing on your art.