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This movie of the week with Gerard Butler (handsome guy and what a deep voice too...) is 'London Has Fallen'. It is based on terror attack during a political funeral event in London.

In my opinion this movie has a really bad timing... Or maybe good timing if the creators wanted to stir a controversial topic. Anyway... The movie of course has an irrational Hollywood twist to it unlike our beloved 'House of Cards' where everything is a bit way too cruel to be true... (I'm avoiding any correlations in case some of you haven't seen the House of Cards' concluding episode of Season 4).

However inaccurate the movie turned out to be, it was surprisingly entertaining to watch. Lots and lots of shooting and running and suspension. I liked that :)

What I really want to point out is that I never walk away from anything without a meaningful message for myself. I loved a strong will to live that was portrayed by the 'good guys'. And it got me thinking that when you struggle; there is not only a choice and a way out, there is always a scenario that could be less than favourable. Just like the u.s. president said in the movie: "It could be worse, we could be walking"

And lastly the inspiring speech between the U.S. President and his Secret Service Agent, was when he was talking about kids. One of the most important thing is to make sure you don't restrain them in expressing themselves. To make sure that they create and do what they truly love. And if any of you guys are still thinking that someone is in your way... it's probably you. It's not to late to express yourself and do what you want. Be your own best friend!

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Movie Review London Has Fallen