Movie of the Week - Sing Street (spoiler)

There's never the right time to follow your dreams!

sing street movie review


Sing Street is a ... heartwarming movie! I'm so proud of our fellow Irish creatives for making such a well shot picture! Oh and the colours were absolutely stunning!

It is about a bunch of kids creating a band to impress a girl. I witnessed how music bands write songs and it makes me cringe at how easily the guys in the film wrote theirs!

With all the band's bravery, I thought that the school will give them a much harder time for their physical transformations and I sort of was looking forward to that... 

Now taking a step back from cheesiness and exaggeration, I'm most impressed with the protagonists ability to fearlessly face his new challenge. Cosmo eagerly sucks in all the knowledge about the music world. He has enough courage to change his appearance in one of the most bizarre school environments. 

Cosmo ends up dreaming bigger than most of the people around him. In my opinion it would be more credible if the girl, who was the reason for the whole band idea, was excluded from the equation but if that's how it is then I'll roll with it. There's no doors that are shut too tight when you are dreaming big. And there's certainly no right time to follow your dream. 

It made me cry a little at the end... Ha, I'm very sensitive to things like that but being involved in a creative industry I could totally connect with what the producer was trying to tell us. There's always something in the way of us taking that leap. We always want the support of the whole world and we always look for the right time to make our dream a reality. That's where we get in our own way of making it happen!

If you are a creative in any way, whether it's wedding photography, bookkeeping or any other self managing occupancy, you will connect with the overall message of this movie!






Sing Street Movie Review

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