Movie Night - Suicide Squad

So the queue was huge I'm guessing most of us have seen it already! I went to see it primarily because I wanted to see the crazy girl. And guess what, that crazy girl has given a real good insight, I'll talk about it below.

Honestly? I'm not a fan of the superhero story lines, I don't like the idea of everything being surrealistic, I maybe like it sometimes when it doesn't end good, when you're left with the feeling of reality. This movie wasn't like that... It was cool, sometimes funny and unusual. But for me it did not, whatsoever have that WOW factor I was looking for, not even once. 

So back to the crazy girl, Harley Quinn (you'll get the play on words once you see the movie), at one point in the movie she said that we all have our crazy things in our lives but what we have to do is to own it. 

Do we fail? Yes. Do we make mistakes? Yes. Do we succeed? Yes. Do we hurt? Yes. Do we feel happy? Yes! And the most important part of it all on the path of everything that we do is to own it. However crazy, painful or otherwise, own it. Be proud of it and move on. 

Here's to suicide squad, if you're into special effects and weird super hero stuff, the movie is for you my friend :)