Cult Called Man - The Harbour Bar Gig Last Saturday

The band that jiggles, shakes and rocks the crowd

Hey there!

So here's my story about Cult Called Man!

I thought a lot about writing about my Cult Called Man gig experience and I wasn't sure how to condense all my knowledge and pride for this band in a couple of paragraphs. Cult Called Man is a 5 piece original band mostly from Ratoath. Except for the Argentinian bass player who's not from Ratoath ;). 

I've known these guys for quite a while. Hanging around the band quite frequently, I witnessed them evolve, experiment and grow some balls! You think being a musician is a doss? No, I don't think so. These guys spend as much time in the studio as a full time office worker except it's much more challenging. And the hard work shows when you go to their shows!

The Harbour Bar gig last Saturday was one of those times when you walk away speechless. Immersed in the hazy red light of the venue the crowd was packing the dance floor to join the Cult. They watched the band trickling with sweat, they listened moving to the rhythm of their music and most importantly they were digging the idiosyncratic style. I wasn't joking about jiggling and shaking. With bits of David Bowie and Talking Heads, Cult rocked the crowd and left them sweaty.


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