Do you read books? Here's what I read....

JoJo Moyes


My long overdue book reviews. Every day I set aside some time to read a little bit of my chosen book for the month. Chapters fly by, messages sink in and here's what I think.

JoJo Moyes "Me Before You" ... I remember being in school and my english teacher referred to these kind of books as 'mind chewing gums'... I think that's one of those! But not in a terribly bad way. I like the ending. It's worth reading it just because it keeps you questioning the story line up until the end. But hey, the movie is out and everyone has probably watched it already :)

Elizabeth Gilbert "Big Magic" ... Oh.. the book! It will probably be one of those books that I will refer to all the time. I have found an earth shattering and eye opening message in it, of course it will be different for everyone, but for me, the fact that you cannot rely on your art to support you financially, instead you have to support it! (don't worry it's not a spoiler) It's the story of my life but certainly not how my life, my art and my financial situation has turned out to be. Read it, there will be tonnes of messages for you too.

Aldous Huxley "Brave New World" ... if you like 1984 you will like this book. Short and brief review about it. A lot of the time I still draw correlations between Aldous's society in the Brave New World and ours to this day. There is a reason why we all want to be with someone all the time, or maybe there isn't any reason for that at all!

B A Paris "Behind Closed Doors" ... Sometimes I still think it's a story based on true facts. It's very daunting and scary if you put yourself in the shoes of the protagonist. But yet again it's a mind chewing gum to it's extremes. A hollywood sort of book of a suspicous perfect life! If you think someone else's life is perfect, you're fundamentally mistaken!


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert