My Liverpool Birthday!

I'm one year older. It has never ever hit me before that the time may be actually running out...! It's not that I think I'm old or something. But since I was 10 years old, time has flown pretty fast! 

So for my birthday I have visited Liverpool. The minute I got into a taxi I started doubting myself whether I was in Wales or in England, the accent of the taxi driver.... em eehhh... got me confused. I make these common sense mistakes all the time... Like that time I thought America was a country not a continent. 

When we visited Glasgow in 2014 there was a vote for Scottish independence from the UK. This time sitting in a British pub we realised that we brought with us a British vote for independence from the EU. I'm afraid to ask what's going to happen next when we visit another country?

On the first night in Liverpool we boldly joined into a conversation of a group of musicians in a quiet pub. We met someone from Donegal who arrived just a couple of hours after us to see his friends... We could have been on the same flight! We visited what felt like A LOT of pubs and were happy to be tourists again celebrating my birthday with a slice of cake. No one sang happy birthday to me. :(

There was a lot of walking, a lot of moaning about my sore knee and a lot of inspiration.

Up until this very moment I'm not sure what that city felt like to me. It was the most quiet city I have ever been to and I liked it. With a lot of trees and very confusing impression of what kind of people lived in the houses surrounded by them. Were they working class, upper middle class or wealthy people? 

I did not take that many photos of the city itself since I had a hard time getting over my birthday festivities.

P.S. There was no cat cafe :( and The Beatles Museum was a rip off. We genuinely had to count our money for dinner!

Liverpool 2016 photos