Why do you shoot outside?

There were times when it was fashionable to shoot in the studio. And it really wrecked my head. I'm so awkward around fragile studio lights. Having to draw up lighting schemes in my head is just a nightmare. I was pretty bad at trigonometry in school and maths in general. This spacial awareness is simply not for me. 

I really did try too hard at some point to learn studio lighting and find out how to shoot with it properly. I even worked at a studio as an admin so during quiet hours I could sneak into the studio, turn on the lights and learn. But I ended up not doing that, because the studio had big windows and lots of natural light.

Very quickly the industry said that it's okay to shoot with natural light, it isn't less professional and it doesn't require less skill. It's just a different medium of creating a photograph. It's like for some painters it's easier to paint with oil whereas some draw with charcoal! It doesn't make them less of a professional or less of an artist, right?

It's okay to be just a natural light photographer. In fact if that's the niche I chose, it's part of my brand, it's part of who I am. I find that natural light is so much more flattering in so many ways. It's less intimidating when I'm trying to put my clients at ease and catch their emotions!

There's no shame in shooting 'outside'. I'm into natural and relaxed style of photography. And it makes me more of a professional that way.

Natural Light Photographer