No one told me it was okay to fail

When I was growing up, no one ever told me that it was okay to not be okay. And most importantly, no one ever told me that it was okay to fail.

Failure is never really a failure. You learn from it. You analyse the data from your results and you make it better. 

When I was 17 years old, in the second last year of school, I remember my biology class. We were about to start an experiment and everyone was sort of anxious as it was supposed to determine the data that would be used as part of our assignment to submit for our exam. The one thing that our teacher told us to calm us all down was that, there are no wrong answers in an experiment. There are results, there is data and there is an analysis of what can go better in the future.

This moved me so much back then that it almost turned my world upside down. We put so much emphasis on the possibility of failure that we simply forget that there is no such thing. If we could just trust that and see what we can improve in our actions, our world would be a much more interesting place. 

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