Movie Night: Now You See Me 2


It has been a long time since I was at the cinema. I missed a couple of movies I wanted to see, like 'Me Before You' and 'The Boss' but perhaps the timing wasn't right for me.

I was queuing for the wrong movie. 'Jason Bourne' came out and the queue for that was massive! I decided that there is too much government related stuff going on around me lately.. I mean I have watched 'Homeland' for a while, 'House of Cards', 'The Good Wife' the movie 'London Has Fallen' and plus with all the political situation in the world I wanted a little bit of magic so 'Now You See Me 2' was exactly what I needed!

'Now You see Me 2' is one of those cheesy movies where there isn't enough romance. I would have wanted more of that. But I guess if I wanted that I should have gone to see 'Me Before You' instead. All in all it was entertaining to watch, a lot of action, fast paced environment, very little time for yawning, even though I still yawned because it was around my bed time... Yep.

Again, I'm just going to throw out the most motivating message that I have gotten from the entire movie and it's about being chosen. "We were all chosen not for who we are, but for what we might become." And I think it applies to everything that we do, whether it is a business, a relationship, a project... any kind of journey really. Having a little faith in what you do and making sure that it will become something far grater than it is now is really important on a day to day basis. Don't give up, keep on going and you'll be surprised how whatever YOU have chosen can grow a life of it's own...!