Photographer in front of the camera

Continuing on the subject of the website renovation, I was in need to renew the photos for my website. It was truly hard to pick a person whom I would let to take photos of me. It's such an intimate experience, especially when you are alone in front of the camera... It's extremely intimidating and difficult. So I get ya'll who are struggling to find their one and only wedding photographer!

Kassi did a great job considering that she is a fashion blogger, NOT a photographer. Picking up the camera seems like an easy process, but while you are worried about focusing on the subject's face it's also important to get the emotions right. Once again I realised that everything requires skill and experience and once you become a pro, it doesn't mean that others can understand the specifics as fast and easy as you can!

So while being unnerved and pressured to take a 'good shot' for the website, I remembered my own advice about... smiling. In any awkward or silly situation, bring yourself to smile to look great in a picture... 

Once again, thank you so much Kassi! I couldn't have done it without you. 

Thanks to Roller Blow Dry Bar for my wonderful hair!

Photos by Just Kassi