Plan Your Honeymoon Right - The Shelbourne Expert Advice

Planning your wedding is not where it ends. What about your honeymoon? And I can hear a long sigh on the other side of the screen! As much as you'd like to leave it till the last minute, you have to do it right. Give yourself plenty of time, think of a budget and start planning. Here's a few ideas!

There are 4 types of wedding honeymoons that I'll talk about below: Europe, The States, Tropical Resorts and Cruises.

1. Europe

Italy, Venice is a good choice but not in February, July, June or August. Outside that season will be best; Puglia Masserie - is not overrun with tourists, worth considering too.

Spain - La Rioja (Northern Spain). Gorgeous hotels on vineyards, modern with amazing food; St Sebastian and Mallorca as a suggestion also.

France - Côte D'Azur; Villa Belle Ruz

Greece - Santorini (very popular at the moment but not cheap)

2. The States

Get your flights direct. You want to spend as much time in the states as possible. Put your package in Ireland as it appears to be cheaper and better value. Check out National Parks, Beach towns and don't overestimate the size of the land! It. Is. Big. Not like Ireland, I mean it, it's one of the most common mistakes that couples make thinking they manage to visit more than it is physically possible.

3. Tropical Resorts

Maldives or Mauritius have good water sports facilities but Maldives would be twice as expensive.

Thailand would have smaller resorts and great for travelling on the island while you're there.

Mexico and Jamaica as a suggestion.

Look for all inclusive resorts, you can find a €1500 for 2 weeks all inclusive in the Carribean which is a great value per person.

Adventure honeymoons can be somewhere like Peru, Barrier Reef and Safari. But don't spend more than 4 days in Safari.

4. Cruises

Pick the right ship. Pick a ship that is small enough for the trip that you want. Make sure there are people your age on the ship. It is best to find a cruise broker put a package together with them. It is also worth a try to look at Premium Packages such as Club Cruises. 

There's a lot to think about, and certainly a lot of planning, so do give yourself plenty of time before you plan your trip!