Weekend Away - Enniskerry

Being a tourist in my own country....!


I came to a point where my days blended into one big continuous day. One after another, identical and monotonous. No matter how hard I try not to stick to a routine I still craved a breath of fresh air. So there was a relatively spontaneous weekend away!

When we planned our trip away we never intended to do something special. Our aim was to switch off from work and breathe in... and breathe out. The trip began with an awesome gift of booking a wedding that is due just a few days before my birthday. It lifted both of our spirits and off we went to the sea, mountains and the waterfall.

I was so tired of looking around for content that as promised to myself, for the first half of the trip, I switched off my brain and just sucked in the temperature and the sunshine of the day. 

Booking a place to stay for the night in a fancy Summerhill House Hotel in Enniskerry, Wicklow, was not an intention but merely a mistake. I discovered about the location of our booking only when we were making our way to check in after an awesome lunch at Platform Pizza Bar in Bray. It was one of the best pizzas and shoestring fries I've had in ages. Switching off your brain has it's perks ;)

As the night fell we decided to save some money on dinner (fancy place remember?) and ordered a takeaway to the gates of the hotel. We ended up eating it in the courtyard of that same hotel making it the poshest setting for a takeaway I have ever had!

In the morning walking into a breakfast room with scruffy hair and sleepy face, obvious that we just rolled out of bed... We were confronted by a bunch of very sophisticated people that seemed like they have already been to a hairdresser's for a blow dry. Chuckling at the situation I was in, because Luke didn't give a damn about it (he's an artist so he's cool with whatever... he can be a millionaire for all anybody knows), we ate our breakfast and went off to the Powerscourt Waterfall down the road. 

Woah! I haven't been there for years!!! It's such a beautiful, magic place and like the Red Square in Moscow, takes your breath away every time you see it.... The weirdest part of the holiday was that I got to be a tourist in my own country. And I gotta say, it's not cheap :D