Professional, Relaxed, Natural and Modern Female Photographer Based In Ireland

The title of the blogpost simply describes my business in one sentence. All of it is true. I know that because, well obviously I'm a female photographer, but I'm also relying on all the reviews and feedback from my clients and from my industry peers.

However it is not as simple as just one sentence. It got me thinking. Describing my business in one sentence is something that defines my marketing, my ideal client, my approach, my choice of imagery, my choice of words and so on and so on. Lets hit on the the aspects in that sentence that define my business.

Professional Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer comes with an ethic and an understanding that people hire me as an exclusive service and they expect it to be professional.

Professionalism comes in various different ways including skill and demeanour. If someone told me at the beginning of my photography journey that I will have to be, amongst many other things, a psychologist, a marketer and a skilled photographer, I simply wouldn't have listened. 

However being a professional photographer means to show up way ahead of time, have a plan B (and C and D) in case something runs differently. It also means being able to plan the time of the day, to consider the needs of my clients and to make sure they enjoy it with their friends and families and most importantly, to be patient.

Weddings are hectic and the definition of a professional wedding photographer is to be patient, firm and (always always always) friendly.

Relaxed Wedding Photographer

Everyone (!) wants relaxed wedding photos! Everyone. So what is the difference between relaxed and candid wedding photography?

Relaxed wedding photography is a combination of being posed and relaxed into your pose so that a photographer can capture real emotions. It is a real skill to do that and isn't always easy that's why a professional photographer has to have a people's skill that is very near to being a psychologist and being able to connect with the couple quickly and effortlessly.

Candid photos means capturing guests or the couple as they naturally converse and have fun with their guests on their wedding day, during all real life stuff that a wedding day hold. There is no posing and it will apply to a documentary style of photographing people. 

This difference should be able to direct you into what you would prefer more on your wedding day and if it is more candid photography then you should seek a photographer that practices documentary style. If you do indeed want shots with just the two of you with a bit of direction, looking natural and relaxed, then professionals like me will suit this style best. 

Natural Wedding Photographer

Natural wedding photography is a subjective opinion. I practice lifestyle wedding photography which means that I try to capture weddings with as much light and as much brightness and natural colours as I possibly can. My editing style will reflect how natural my photography is by observing clean look to the photos nearly the way you would see the world in real life. 

So my goal in my natural style of photography is to achieve the feeling of freshness and crispness to the photos. If it were me I would want to look at the photos and feel like I'm breathing in a fresh breeze that fills me up with inspiration and happiness. You may have a similar or a different idea of what natural wedding photography is, either way it should make you feel something when you look at it.

Wedding photography Ireland


In our modern society the meaning of success, happiness and self love has evolved to the point that we became a lot more mindful of what that means to us. We begin to question it everyday and we always try to make our lives better to ensure we reach that point of being successful in lots of different ways. Being a modern wedding photographer touches on feelings and human perception so that it is then expressed in visual art.

So when I was drawing up my business plan I had this idea that my motto of my business was 'Just Be You' and I stuck to it every single time I put myself out there. In fact that motto influenced my life through my everyday choices and decision.

When it comes to describing my business in one sentence it can sound controversial at first. My business can be more accurately described as 'Photography for successful people'. Now, now, don't go straight there. The meaning behind it isn't materialistic, so let me explain.

Success can be defined in many different ways and put into many shapes and forms. For every one of us success has a different meaning. To me, personally, success is the result of determination, persistence, perseverance and love towards yourself. In my opinion success is also defined by being fulfilled, being happy, being able to love yourself and others and always, always, always curiosity and adventure that generates growth.

So having said that, let's look at it again. 'Photography for successful people' takes shape of a much deeper meaning and incorporates a lot of self love and acceptance of the world around us. So being a modern photographer, I guess is a way of expressing the beauty of people's success through images.

With all of this in mind, it is important to understand that the way a photographer sees the world will shine through the photos taken by them. So the search for a wedding photographer is something that can showcase the love and the emotion between the two people and their loved ones on the day of their wedding.

I hope that when you're choosing your wedding photographer, you align your values with the person behind the camera because they are the only ones responsible for the memories. Whether you choose a male or female photographer does not matter as long as you can see that their work will be able to make you feel positive and fulfilled.