Raining on your wedding day

Preparing for a rainy wedding day in Ireland



Dear Brides,

Not preparing for rain on your wedding day in Ireland is like denying that you will ever get wrinkles. It may rain, or it will rain. So don't neglect the possibility and be fully prepared for it.

Buy a pretty pack of umbrellas for your fiancé and yourself as well as your bridal party! Make sure they are white or transparent. You don't want to be blocking the light from your face! Keep the tags on so you can return the brollies in case the rain stays away!

Wear waterproof or water resistant make up. Discuss the possibility of rain with your make up artist and have them put on a waterproof mascara, even if it doesn't rain it may come in handy in case your eyes water at any stage of your wedding!

Have a pair of pretty wellies or flats. The ground will be either soft or wet or both! Don't ruin your gorgeous wedding shoes by sinking in the wet ground with your heels. You can't see the boots underneath your wedding dress anyway :)

And be flexible! Be prepared to shoot during reception as there may be a window of opportunity for you to get pictures on the grounds of your venue. Trust me, you won't regret that.

Any level of stress during a rainy wedding day is inevitable. But if you're carefully prepared for that Plan B, you'll be able to enjoy your day AND get fabulous wedding photos. It's important to be on the same page as your wedding photographer. Know where and when you are going to be to have every aspect of your wedding documented for you to remember, relatively stressless ;)

Katya xxx


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