Relaxed Photoshoot in Ashley Park Wedding Venue, Ireland

Photographer:  Katya Koliban  Stylist:  Maija Krasna  Venue:  Ashley Park House  Model:  Rebecca Flynn  Bridal Shop:  LILAC ROSE BRIDAL  Make Up & Hair:  Fiona McNamara  Jewellery:  JUVI  Stationary:  Bella Figura / Calligraphy by Virginia Lucas Hart  Cake & Cookies:  MMCookies / Maya Uley  Flowers:  Flowers by Mee/ Gil Tate

Photographer: Katya Koliban Stylist: Maija Krasna Venue: Ashley Park House Model: Rebecca Flynn Bridal Shop: LILAC ROSE BRIDAL Make Up & Hair: Fiona McNamara Jewellery: JUVI Stationary: Bella Figura / Calligraphy by Virginia Lucas Hart Cake & Cookies: MMCookies / Maya Uley Flowers: Flowers by Mee/ Gil Tate

This photoshoot has been in a process of getting done for a long time and it took even longer for it to see the light of day. Together with Maija Krasna, who beautifully styled the entire shoot, created something that is pleasing to the eye, airy and multifunctional.

Notice how we used one dress to portray 3 different looks.

Firstly you'll observe the 'Juliet' style veil paired with a detachable lace skirt. There's an immaculate detail on that skirt and it looks so tastefully elegant in a traditional way yet maintaining a modern look. 

The second look was a lot more playful. We stripped the dress off the skirt accentuating the entire attention of the look on the flower crown. A beautiful creation by Flowers by Mee/ Gil Tate and I am so, so proud to have worked alongside Gil.

The third and final look was finished off with a beautiful flower arch and the bouquet. The flowers, yet again dress up the dress. Let's see if you can perceive the fact that the dress is an accessory carried by the model emphasising on the essential accents such as flowers and not overpowering the model.

I am a big fan of showcasing how one single dress can transform the entire feel of a look by being a blank canvas and still remaining a striking element of the look.

This shoot was also published in Social and Personal Weddings

This shoot was also published in Social and Personal Weddings