Business and Friends at the roof top of the Marker Hotel!

I love the topic of networking! I'm an introvert and networking has taught me so much about being open!

This time I was invited to be a photographer at the event called Travel Meets Data. Little did I know that I would have no clue what people were talking about in their presentations, with their techy language and abbreviations they might as well be speaking Chinese! 

I ended up enjoying the event, once again challenging myself to approach people and introduce myself and make friends! My friend recently noticed a change in me while having lunch at one of the petrol stations. He said that I have come a long way, I've grown. It's nice to hear that because when that change comes along, I am the one who usually notices it the last. It takes a lot to open up to the world, to shout through the music and to joke freely with a stranger. 

I just wanted to share with you two things that struck me while attending the B.U.I.L.D networking event. First, from a girl sitting quietly on a couch drinking a glass of whine taking in the views of the rooftop under a blanket; it's always good to have your expectations open. To be able to freely look into the future and take opportunities as they come. Although they may not link to your business directly, they can somehow influence your life or your business in a fundamental way. And that is true, I was at event that had nothing to do with the wedding industry or art and yet, I have met new people and new friends. Who knows what the future holds.

Second, being able to tell the people what you do in one sentence. This is key! I have met so many business owners who take up 20 minutes to explain what they do and sometimes even that time isn't enough. Come up with one line! It shouldn't take more than that to tell the world what you do! I'm a wedding photographer, I like to travel and I love working with people who have brave ideas challenging the industry. Wow! There's so much to either connect with, or disconnect with! It should be simple and quick.

Overall it was cool to see Dublin from above, cool to be treated with courtesy and cool to be enjoying the place even though it was pissing rain (a glorious sunset was granted just for us at the end, it was beautiful)!

Thank you B.U.I.L.D (or Entrepreneurs Anonymous) for having me!

P.S. what a location for a Pre-Wedding Session, huh?!