As You Wish


Welcome to the 4th week of Irish Wedding Vendor Series. For the month of April and May I am going to interview one vendor once a week from the wedding industry that I am really fond of.  I am going to ask them questions that will give insight into their professional work. 

Today I will interview Andrea from AS YOU WISH wedding stationery. We have met at one of the inspirational shoots last year. I remembered Andrea as a very professional creative with a remarkable eye for detail that sometimes I feel a little ashamed for not noticing bent corners of an envelope or a tiny mark on an invite card! I am so glad that our paths get to meet once again.
















Why did you decide to become a stationery designer?

I qualified as a graphic designer, and worked in a design agency before starting my own graphic design company 15 years ago. That business is focused mainly on branding and corporate print design. But along the way I often had friends, family and even my corporate clients ask me to design their wedding stationery which I absolutely loved doing! So it really started from there. I found I had so much more freedom designing wedding stationery and it was so different from corporate got all my creative juices flowing again! From the start, I kept the stationery separate from my corporate business, as it's a very different vibe and clientele obviously. As You Wish is going about 4 or 5 years now, and it's steadily growing which is fantastic.


What inspires you the most about your job?

While I don't have a particular feminine design style, I get to draw and create pretty designs, and what girl doesn't love looking at gorgeous papers and envelopes?!! I absolutely love stationery, papers, pens, colours, patterns and anything graphic, so I consider myself so lucky that I can make a living out of my passion. I still get excited seeing a final printed stationery suite, and it's even better seeing brides & groom's happy faces when they see it for the first time. A lot of couples know that the invitation is the first taste of the wedding that their guests will see, so it's lovely when they take the time to make it their own and put a personal stamp on it, and are proud of the end result. 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I hope I'll still be balancing the corporate and wedding stationery elements of my business! I don't see myself giving up either one to be honest, as I love both. But I'd like to be designing even more wedding stationery, adding new ranges and keeping up with (and maybe setting!) trends. At the moment for cost reasons I don't offer some printing techniques such as foiling, so I'd love to find a way to add those to my offerings. I also plan on adding services such has hand letting and modern calligraphy, although finding the time to learn new skills can be tricky! And I'd also like As You Wish to expand by designing other stationery products such as greeting cards, prints, gift wrap etc...all suitable for weddings of course! :)

Stay tuned for a detailed post on how to stay organised with your RSVPs!