The cost

Why so expensive?

Dear Brides,

Most of the time you are reluctant to pay high fees for wedding photography and I wonder why? :)

Is it the lack of knowledge about the job or you just don't see the point of it all?

To you it may look like the most simple job on the day and feels like anyone can do it. All you need is a camera and a person who can push a button. Why pay so much money for it?

I will strongly advise against cheap wedding photography options. Just think about it, the amount of thought that went into your wedding details. Your dress! Your fiancé's suit with all its quirks. And when the day is over... It's all gone or tucked away. All you're left with is the photos.

A skilled wedding photographer has a style. Don't ignore it. The style of photography will reflect your whole wedding theme.

A good photographer knows exactly what to take photos of, putting your mind at ease so that you can just enjoy the day. They will know when and where to be. They will know what sort of background to use, where are the good spots, how to use them without hesitating where to go first.

They will know how to photograph your family photos taking into account the order and the appropriate timing.

They will know how to act under the stress of tight time frames. They will know what to do if it rains outside, or if it's too cold or too dark.

They will know what to do if the church has little light, or the church aisle is too short for the bride to walk. They will know what to do if the priest is strict.

And most importantly they will know all the key moments of your wedding!

Not to mention all the candid shots that they have to take for you so that you can share them with all your guests later on.

The photographer starts their day depending on when you hired them, and they don't get to sit down until dinner time. Not for a minute!

All of this comes before post production. Hours and hours of post production.

There is a lot of running around, pressure and responsibility on the day for one person to deal with.

I'm sure your friend with a camera would rather share the joy of this day with you. A photographer that charges too little will not be able to deal with the same pressure. There is a reason why it costs so much.

And remember your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life!

Take care of it because you most certainly have a great taste, great sense of humour and lots and lots of love around you. Make sure all of it is documented properly :)

... You're simply extraordinary ...