truth about me

13 Truths About Me

1. I never went to a concert.

2. I believe that the animal kingdom can talk to me, so I treat them as if they understand me. And don't think I'm crazy but my fish and my cats are pretty intelligent creatures :D

3. A really small thing can upset me more than a big one. I can cry over an unbuttered toast but be absolutely cool if things get seriously bad.

4. My teacup has to be full. I can't stand it if it's not filled up till the edges of the cup. I'll start crying.

5. I love my pens and I can get very possessive over them. I only like specific pens and you don't want to enter the territory of 'borrowing' my pens.

6. I need glasses. I wear 10 year old, really old fashioned glasses when I'm driving. 

7. I'm an introverted people's person.

8. I just found out that I have an intolerance for nuts. I've never been allergic to anything my whole life.

9. I have an awkward sense of humour. Yep. I've to think twice before I say something sometimes... 

10. I am shy and introverted. 

11. I am extremely gullible. I'd believe you if you said that you got married in Vegas last Monday. I'd open my eyes wide and ask you, REALLY?

12. Don't ask me what we are doing tonight, because I don't know. I can never make up my mind and if I do it would be something lame like... Eat a bucked of ice cream and watch Wayward Pines.

13. I'm needy. All I need is a 1000 rubs.



13 Truths About Me