The isle, the smile, the walk

So here comes the important moment. You're standing behind closed doors of a church, or is it a hotel? Your mind is racing because they are all waiting for you, heck, he's waiting for you. You can barely believe this moment is here. All you want to do is scream. You know that you want the walk to be perfect, you want it to be flawless when you take the steps into your new life before you say 'I do'. 

I'm here to help with one of the most important walks of your life and tell you how to make the most of it. Plus I have a bonus tip at the end! 

1. Take it slow

You'll never get to walk down the isle again, so why don't you enjoy it. There is no need to sprint down to the end. Take it easy, take one step at a time.

2. Chin up, shoulders back

No double chins during the walk, no bad posture. Remember, you are being documented right then and there, so have your chin up and shoulders back while you walk. It's good to remember this trick for the rest of the day's photos.

3. Smile is everything

Smile the heck out of those teeth and eyes. Your dazzling smile will be embedded forever in the photos for you to cherish it years later. And that's one of the most important favours you can do for yourself walking down the isle.


After the celebrant says 'you may kiss the bride now', turn around to the audience and let the people see your happy faces. The emotions that will be on your faces for those two seconds after the first kiss are priceless.

Easy as pie, huh? Take it slow and smile, is key! Enjoy the walk :)