The Reality of Being an Artist

Reality of Being a Photographer

Oh nooo again...!

Yeah... I'd like to expand on the subject of art! :D

I just feel like if I'm talking more about what I do and how I do it, so many people would feel less lonely. The reality of being a photographer isn't jus pressing the button 600 times on a wedding day and getting a load of cash for it. And I don't think I would really want it to be like that either.

We are artists. Yes, we don't paint pictures, we don't buy canvases and we don't spend hours on creating a skyline. But we do wake up every morning, just like everyone else, and we work at making our art happen, just like farmers on the field would. Every day for at least (and I mean it!), at least 6 hours a day. 

Sometimes it's so hard to get out of bed not because we are lazy or because our life is so easy. It's because we find it harder to keep on working on something so airy, so indefinite and so unappreciated sometimes. Photography is a form of art, and art is an abstract thing, and an abstract thing does not have any definite future, right? So that's why it's so hard to keep chipping away at an invisible stone. 

Today I'm shooting an amazing shoot at Tattersalls just down the road from where I live... Keep your eyes open for some art people, and if you're one of us, artists, keep on chipping away because at the end of the day, the results are always there!