The style, the trend and timelessness in my wedding photos

What is wedding photography trend? How do you find a trendy wedding photographer that will remain relevant in 10 years time? Is it really that important?

Well lets start from the beginning. You have probably already browsed wedding blogs and have seen images that you like. To really figure out what type of style you like, create a folder on your desktop and start saving images of any wedding photos you come across that really appeal to you. 

When you have saved enough you can look at the type of editing. Can you see too much photoshop in the pictures? Do pictures have a 'brownish' overlay on them? Do they look dark and moody? Is the background in focus or blurry? Is the sky heavy and gloomy or is it white and even?

When you answer these questions you will know what to look out for when visiting a photographer's portfolio. Hence, making your decision that bit easier.

There are always trends in every industry including wedding photography. Sometimes you will see an influx of dramatic photographs, or heavily colour corrected photos (the dark and gloomy with a brownish colour to them). However like anything else, a certain style quickly goes out of fashion. And you want to keep your photos timeless!

To keep your images timeless, stick to the natural, basic, fresh looking photographs. These are the photos that will be relevant at any point in time because that's how a human eye perceives our world. We seldom wear sunglasses and see the world as if it's tinted, would you agree? In general, our desire to see the clean, fresh look and natural look in your photos, will be the same when all the trends disappear on a year-to-year basis! Remember that less is more!

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