Welcome to the 7th week of Irish Wedding Vendor Series. For the month of April and May I am going to interview one vendor once a week from the wedding industry that I am really fond of.  I am going to ask them questions that will give insight into their professional work. 

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Blaíthín, the owner of The Wedding Expert wedding planning company. Blaíthín and I met at an open day in Rosedale House. When she came in through the door with her husband, I assumed she was one of the couples. We started chatting and she told me she was a wedding planner which got my wheels spinning and a couple of months later we were working together at a shoot in that same Rosedale House.

Blaíthín kindly invited me into her home and told me her story of how she got into the business.

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Why did you decide to become a Wedding Planner?

I went to Portobello School and did Interior Design and Interior Architecture at night and as a shop assistant in an interior design store during the day. So when I was working on one of the kitchen renovation projects with one of our clients it so happened that her son was engaged and came into the shop with his fiancé. They were in a stage of planning their wedding and they couldn't decide on the colour scheme so I helped them with it. It was through them that I became interested in weddings. So then whenever someone else was mentioning weddings I would express interest and that's how it all began. It was more finding Wedding Planning. It was a much more natural career path than Interior Design because I'm an organised person, I love lists and presenting information in an organised manner.
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What inspires you the most about your work?

I'm an extremely organised type A person. So ticking things off my lists gives me satisfaction, filing things away and how everything has a logical path in planning. I love beautiful things and colour schemes and all of this comes together when planning a wedding. I love implementing my couples creative influences and personalising their wedding. A lot of my couples know what they want but they don't know how to make it happen. Reaching into their minds and piecing it all together into one picture of how they want to see their day is also very inspiring to me.
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Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I am planning on retiring from wedding planning in the next 4 months. I want to evolve The Wedding Expert into an educational and inspirational resource for couples planning a wedding, for people who want to be a wedding planning and for wedding vendors. I used to lecture and I have courses for everyone who want to pursue a career in wedding planning, setting that up as an educational resource would be something I'd like to do. But that will be a transitionary step towards a completely different career. I do writing and I have published a book called The Meaning Of Purple Tulips so I want to explore the possibility of script writing for TV Shows. So in 5 years time I see myself as a scripted author of a TV Show.

Well I know one thing for sure, I'm buying that book! I have never had an author for a colleague and that's awesome! Even though Blaíthín is retiring form wedding planning, the knowledge that sits in her head through years of experience will be shared to educate others. The plans that she has for the future are bright and promising. Blaíthín is a living reminder that our lives have a lot more to it than just picking one thing and sticking to it.

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Image Credits:

Styling by The Wedding Expert | Flowers by Frog Prince Design | Make Up by Rebecca O'Sullivan | Hair by Claire Barry | Dresses by Dirty Fabulous | Venue Rosedale House