The Wonders Of The Moment's Future

I'm sure you've heard about putting together a business plan so that you know what direction your business will take you in the next 1, 2 and even 5 years. It's a great thing to do once you don't leave it on the shelf and follow the projections and amend your goals... However...

It was 10pm and rain was battering against my windshield... I could hardly see the road ahead and all I could think was how symbolic that very moment was. My vision of the road spread for at most 3 metres, no more. I knew the way but in actual reality I didn't know where I would have to swerve to avoid gliding on water or if I'd have to slow down for a rabbit running across the road.

That got me thinking that if I view my wedding business in a similar way why do I expect so much from the future that is changing in this very moment. I try my very best to stick to my plans and I get eminently upset when a 'rabbit runs across the road'. The silliness of this thought dawns on me right there. 

Most of the time when I'm writing my blogs I'm being my own cheerleader. A lot of the insights that I share here are advices for myself. So as a reminder of our big and unknown but carefully planned future, you've got to stop treating it like an enemy and let every moment in the way it is now. Wouldn't it be awfully boring if everything was just as it was predicted? Oh the wonders of life's momentarily adventures can be more valuable than any business plan pedantically drafted by ourselves. 

Happy Monday everyone, no expectations, no pressure ;)

Moment's Future