Wedding Photographers and Brides have more in common than they both think. I'm quite lucky to work with brides who are on the same wavelength as me. We both want the same thing from the wedding day.

We want it to be fun, happy and relaxed! I always get to walk away from weddings knowing that I have developed a friendly connection with my clients. I have their parents waving me goodbyes and what more can I ask from the day?

Here are a few things where we share the common ground with my brides.



We both care about the details

I'm a firm believer that preparation makes things run smoothly. I usually create a timeline for the day and make sure we stick to it. This means that we know where we stand and what to expect from the day.

Being reassured that the flowers will arrive in the morning at the right time. Having your hair and make up done right and on time. Putting on your dress to have time to take those precious photos before the ceremony. Making sure in advance that all the details of the day, like flower arrangements, cakes, sweets, wedding favours, mass booklets are all were they are supposed to be.

Knowing all of these details in advance lets my bride and me relax into the day and do our jobs properly. My bride gets to enjoy it all and I get to document it properly!


Laura and Ray-0005.jpg

We both care about the impact

We both want the day to be remembered beautifully and timelessly. It's my greatest pleasure to exceed someone's expectations and it is the best result you can ever achieve as a professional.

We both want people to talk about how friendly the atmosphere was, how unobtrusive candid photographs were and how relaxed and quick family photos were.

We both want to capture as many natural photographs as possible. This is when the bride and groom come back to join the party. They catch up with their guests and are documented enjoying the day. It keeps their guests happy because they feel like they matter and that's an impact we both want.




We both suppliers to be friendly and responsive

We both want to be able to communicate with the people we work with easily in a friendly and professional manner. It is so much easier to deal with suppliers when they understand that at the end of the day, this is a happy event and we all want to get the most out of it. Working in a team of people that are inspiringly responsive is an action that is inspiring in itself!

There are a lot more factors that we as suppliers and clients have in common. But mainly, in my mind it is all about how you click with a person, how you reach the same wavelength and how you see the overall picture. The process should be motivational, happy and natural!