5 Tips On How To Get Ready For A Summer Wedding

Don't sweat it!


Dear Brides,


Summer weddings are great! You can have your ceremony and dinner outside decorated with fairy lights, lanterns and sparklers! An ice cream van and outdoor games can be perfect for it. However there's always a few simple tips to take on board when getting ready.

1. Choose your wedding dress out of a light thin material, preferably sleeveless to avoid sweating. Try not to expose yourself to too much sun before the wedding as it may result in tan marks and can be quite a disappointment.

2. Don't get ready too early as you will end up sitting in your make up and your dress sweating. In Ireland it's not common for a hotel to have air conditioning so it can get quite warm. 

3. Drink water! Your mouth will become dry and so will your lips. Cracked lips don't look great on pictures and of course to avoid feeling dizzy in the middle of your bridal shoot make sure you always have a drink by your side. Avoid drinking too much alcohol before dinner. In warm weather it's easier to become intoxicated than in cold weather conditions.

4. Have blotting paper to make sure you can use it when your skin will get shiny and don't wear too much perfume. It can make you feel nauseous and attract insects.

5. I always encourage brides to have an extra pair of flat shoes. Walking in warm weather you can easily develop blisters. 

At the end of the day, it's all about fun, right? Keep those tips in mind at an early stage of your wedding planning when you're choosing your dress. And make sure you're always prepared for rain. You can read on how to get ready for a rainy day here


Katya xxx


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