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Last week I blogged about my experience at Shelbourne Hotel Wedding Forum. The experts were giving their advice on Food, Style, Beauty Tips, Flowers and Honeymoon. Most of the time I roll my eyes and think that I know it all but that know it all feeling is always quickly dissolved. There is always more to learn, it's a fact!

Today I'll be sharing advice on Beauty Tips from Triona McCarthy and Suit advice from Louis Copeland!

Beaty Tips

Make a plan. List all of the things that have bugged you over the years and you haven't had a chance to fix them eg. visit your dentist, your dermatologist, fitness trainer etc. Set your beauty goals now! There is no point in doing it 3 months before the wedding. Gather your mood boards for hair and make up and wear SPF!


3 months before the wedding!

1. Bring your moodboards to your hair stylist and ask for a professional advice. You may think that wearing your hair up or down will go well with your features and your dress but looking at it from a distance with experience, can help. Trust the experts!

2. Hair and Make up Trials. Be sure to have your make up done in such a way that your fiancè is able to recognise you on the day. Be your usual self by enhancing your natural features, instead of a complete shocking makeover!

3. Bridesmaids trials are important too. Bring them along for make up and hair trials!

4. Have your tan trial before you go for your make up trial. 

6 weeks before the wedding!

1. Exfoliate for the tan. It has to be a routine!

2. Have your trial manicure done. Buy a bottle of the same colour your are using on your wedding day and bring it along to the wedding.

1 week before the wedding!

Come into your salon and get pampered!



1. Break into your shoes 1-2 weeks before the wedding!

2. Make sure your shirt buttons on your belly. I'm not joking, it happens!

3. Buy 2 shirts for the day. Wine can be spilled, sweat can be seen. An extra shirt may come in handy!

4. Make sure your buttonhole is open when purchasing the suit. You can also ask for a loop a few inches below the buttonhole so you can stick in the flowers on the day. 

5. Match your belt with your shoes.

6. Double cuff your suits!



Next week I'll be talking about your wedding flowers from Shelbourne in house florists, some tips you may have missed will be revealed here.