As part of an Engagement Shoot I always offer my couples the opportunity to change the look of the shoot to have more variety of photos. To showcase exactly what I mean I decided collaborate with a Fashion Blogger Kassi who will demonstrate how you can use two simple looks to achieve two sets of completely different photographs.

First look is a casual, everyday look. It is comfortable and cosy, you can use a jumper, boots, jeans and dress it up with bold accessories like we did here from BEREQUETTE. We used accessories in different variations to give you an idea how you can add variety to the photos.


The second look is dressy. You can put on a dress or bring out fancy shoes! 

In this case Kassi wore comfortable boots combined with a skirt and a jumper. If you're wearing boots you can use them when transforming into the second look to avoid too many changes. 

You can wear this look out for dinner or even a birthday party. I love it because it's very different change from the first one adding more dynamic to the overall shoot.


This wasn't planned because it was starting to get chilly as the nightfall grew closer but we took off the jacket and the look immediately became fresh and airy.

I wanted to emphasise on how you can transform a look with one swift move by removing a jacket. You can now see how many different photos you can have by applying these simple tricks.



We now know that making little changes to your clothes will transform the mood of the shoot. In both cases taking off the jacket we achieved 2 entirely different feelings to the images.

 Using bold accessories will dress up the outfit and will always look great on camera. You can play with your accessories to yet again add variety.

 Make sure you're wearing comfortable shoes, something you can walk in even if it's a small distance. Changing into a different outfit only takes 10 minutes without eating into your photoshoot time!