Vareniki - it's all about team work

I'm probably going to be incoherent and have sad looking blogs for a while. I find it harder to come out of my shell at times. But I am the way I am, and I know that other people have similar issues. 

My desk is covered with multicoloured pens, two diaries, a mug of coffee and a load of work... I often hear people talking about letting go and outsourcing their work to someone else. But at least for now, I don't think I can do that... First, I'm a control freak, and second, I like editing, I like blogging, I like emails and social media and I like learning about different aspects of my business. What I don't like is getting slow results.

There is a Ukranian-Russian dish called Vareniki. Some people in our western world call them dumplings. The beauty of this dish is that most of the time it involves the effort of the whole family to make them. One makes the dough circles, and usually three-or four others put the ingredients together (I take pictures, that's an effort.. right?). It's an intimate team work, when as a result you get to sit down and eat the dish that you all made together. It then becomes a much more private affair than a usual dinner or lunch. Rarely anybody criticises the dish and if someone does, everyone else nods their head in approval. We all learn from our mistakes together.

If something goes wrong, I ring the bells, I collect people around me that can somehow help me to discover what is it I am doing wrong, what ingredients I'm missing and how I can make the 'dish' better. I let the team work do it's magic and I am always, always surprised at how willing people are in helping each other to overcome the darkness. 

P.S. Zen cats.. I covered their heads with flour for moral support!