Why trust your photographer's location... ?

Wedding Location Tips

When I, the photographer, choose the location for your Pre-Wedding Session or your Wedding Day, I take in mind all sorts of things that I will talk about below. So I want you to be relaxed and be worry free when at first sight you think that the location I have chosen doesn't look right. I want you to trust me and to let me execute the plan. Suggesting locations, walls or lakes on the spot will only take us away from the plan wasting our precious wedding time. So here's why I'll take the lead:

1. Light

I'm a natural light photographer and I shoot in the most natural and soft types of light. You'll see me moving away from the harsh rays of sunlight more often into the shade. I don't want you squinting with harsh light and dark patches on your face created by the sun. So if I'm moving you into a shaded area that's because the light is softer there complimenting your looks!

2. Backgrounds

You would have already told me about your wedding theme and colour schemes before I go location scouting. This will help me create a cohesive and consistent story out of background colours. By doing this it will all come together when you're planning out your wedding album, the more consistent the story is, the better it looks printed in your wedding album. Don't worry, you're not missing out on that 'red brick wall', I promise!

3. 1 Location for the shoot

When the light is right, we will stay there! The light will either make it or break it. If we are using 1 location for the duration of the whole shoot it doesn't mean that your photographs will be boring. As a photographer I work all angles and use all opportunities to create variety out of what we've got. You'll thank me later for not spending that extra precious time walking around from one spot to another.

All location shoots are planned in such a way that will use up less time walking around aimlessly instead utilising it into creating beautiful images that match the mood of your wedding. As a photographer I always carefully plan out the day depending on the weather, I will know exactly where are the best spots. So trust me, that's exactly why you hired me!