Wedding Photos Barberstown Castle

Ting met me at Radisson Blu Hotel for the first time. She spoke to me about her wedding planning, her wedding dress and her vision of the day at Barberstown Castle

Ting is from a far far away land, China... She moved to Ireland a very long time ago. Ireland is her home now and I could wholly relate to how she feels! Ting met her Irish soulmate Vincent at work. Universe works in mysterious ways connecting people from all over the world. And again, I could absolutely relate myself to what it feels like to be in a multicultural relationship :)

We met a couple of more times, one of them was their Engagement Session. We all noted on the day of the wedding that the Engagement Session  allowed us to get to know each other in more detail and as a result made us feel more relaxed!

On a beautiful summer's morning, the sun was shining in its full glory on the grounds of Barberstown Castle. Girls were getting ready in a surprisingly relaxed spirit. They were so calm, it felt like they were doing it every weekend.

Everything on the day had a magic feel about it. A medieval theme was carried throughout the day in every detail. Ting and Vincent were so natural and serene, just like a King and a Queen would be. They created a whole different reality around them where everything was simply celebratory and without a doubt well planned!