Wedding Photos Blackwater Castle

Liz and Toms wedding was organised from the United States and from the moment of first contact I knew we would click.

Why? Because their Harry Potter themed wedding function room was outstanding. And I love Harry Potter to bits.

I met them for the first time on the day of their wedding at Blackwater Castle in Cork.

As a photographer they have never met before they made me feel so incredibly comfortable and very welcomed. 

The weather was severely overcast and we all prayed for a dry day to enjoy the beautiful ceremony outside.

As the team of Love Bird Designs were tirelessly preparing the ceremony area the sun suddenly over delivered and illuminated the entire grounds with its golden light.

It promised to be a soft sunset that we later thoroughly enjoyed with silly jokes for the everlasting wedding photos were to be happy and carefree heirlooms.

As the night progressed I have never seen such a warm and energetic crowd to be gathered around the beautifully styled function room to eat, dance and celebrate.

Liz and Tom will be forever remembered as warm, gentle and fun souls. I truly hope our paths will meet again.

Liz's wedding dress was classic and romantic. I was excited to work with the tulle to see how the soft sunset will dress it up in a golden halo.