Wedding Photos Coolcarrigan Church & Gardens

Driving up the driveway I was praying for the rain to stay away. Hail stones were battering agains my windscreen reminding me of my big umbrella that I left at home. This was one of those windy multi seasonal weather days. My heart sank... The grounds of Coolcarrigan Church & Gardens are spectacular no matter what time of the year and I felt like it would be such a waste if we had to spend our time inside taking pictures.

It was a tiny and intimate ceremony of just Janine and Richard and their immediate family. After the 30 minute ceremony we stepped outside and the sun was shining in it's full glory, then rain again, of course. I am so blessed to have met the people who are willing to open up a brolly and take pictures despite the weather. I love that, and the weather rewarded us for that willingness with a sunshine after only a 10 minute rain. Now isn't that just magical? :)