It was a sunny day in September and I had no idea how crazy untraditional this wedding was going to be!

Clementine was almost ready when I arrived to the hotel to snap a few photos of the details... God love the French, they are so punctual!

I love the vintage ring that clementine had as her engagement ring, there is so much character and so much detail in it!

The dress was far from traditional too. It was easy to put on, easy to wear and as for the warmth of the sunny day that it was... it was perfect!

The colours in the flowers were as exquisite as the whole theme of the wedding!

Girls were making final touches to their outfits ....

Having a few drinks.... 

And off we went to the ceremony!

Clementine was perfectly on time...

However she left Al waiting for a good few minutes before she made her entrance!

Al was quite nervous... I would be too if I was left waiting for so long!

Half of the ceremony was in French and the other half was in English... 

And finally the knot was tied!

A few snacks were out outside... they were gorgeous by the way!


While everyone was enjoying their snacks, we went off for a couple of quick photos!

Clementine and Al kept the whole mood of their wedding fun and relaxed! They all made funny faces and were very quirky!

Our lovely bridal party!

A gist... only a gist of traditional feel!

Reception was fun and entertaining!

The wedding cake looks so yummy!

Red-black-white theme all throughout the wedding, I love it!

Even though there was a little drizzle at the beginning of reception making everyone to run inside, the day cleared up pretty quick leaving everyone to enjoy the gorgeous grounds of Kilmainham Royal Hospital!