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A wedding doesn't have to be big to be good | The Shelbourne Hotel

Elaine's best friend, who's name is also Elaine, approached me about her wedding a couple of weeks before it was due. It was one of the most short notice weddings I've ever had. It was so unusual, usually I have a whole year to plan the day along with my couples.

When I met Elaine and Mathew for the first time they told me that they were planning a wedding in Greece and had to cancel the whole event due to family circumstances. Hearing about the most intimate details about their lives was moving and inspiring. 

Little Samuel was playing his game on the phone while Mathew and Elaine laid out their laid back expectations about their wedding at The Shelbourne Hotel. Elaine and Mathew have always lived only minutes apart from each other but never knew about one other until the day when they met in a shop where Elaine worked. She didn't like him at the start she said... But Mathew fell in love with her instantly. He proposed to Elaine on one of the evenings at home shortly after they found out they were going to have little Samuel.

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