Wedding Planner vs Wedding Stylist

Planning a wedding is a stressful process, I hear you. So how do you make it easier? Do you hire a wedding planner or a wedding stylist and what difference does it make? 

Wedding Stylist

So after you got engaged your mind starts working towards a vision of your wedding day. You open up Pinterest and start gathering bits and pieces that you like. It can be the style of your dress, the view of your function room, table settings, little details around the venue, fairy lights, ceremonial backdrop, flower arrangements, wedding invitations, cake styles and more! It feels like it never ends...

A wedding stylist will take into consideration everything that you have got to say, or show in case you've got your Pinterest Mood boards, and they will create an overall theme of your wedding. They will guide you into styling everything in a cohesive and authentic way, making your wedding day look like a story.

eg. ELK WEDDING & EVENT STYLIST (specialises solely on styling the event)

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a mediator between the wedding suppliers. Some of the wedding planners will have wedding styling included. They will advise on choosing suppliers, be in charge of logistics, make sure everyone is payed on time. Basically, they gather the dream team together, the people who will fit your style criteria, the people who will do their jobs best to fit your taste and expectations. Plus, they are there to coordinate your day!

eg. The Wedding Expert (includes wedding planning and styling)

Both are important and both make such a big difference when planning your Big Day. If you are completely new in the wedding industry you will get overwhelmed very quickly and often enough it is hard to find what you want in the sea of wedding suppliers! That's why wedding planners and stylists are there to help you. It truly is an awesome investment to enjoy the process stress free and make your day look authentic and flawless.


Katya Koliban Photography