Wedding Reception Tips - value time and you'll enjoy it!

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I often hear brides looking for extra time to enjoy their reception drinks with the guests. I can absolutely understand that. Usually I work really hard to make it up to them with a carefully planned timeline. When the ceremony is finished, whether it's in a church or your venue, it is important to make sure you stay on schedule. Here's a few tricks you should know about how to stay on track to enjoy more time at your reception.

1. Keep it moving!

After the ceremony guests begin congratulating you, it isn't easy to keep them going! If you have a wedding that is more than 50 guests it can easily take up to an hour to go through the congratulating phase. Simply accept their best wishes and invite them for drinks and snacks letting them know that you are looking forward to catching up with them in a little bit.

2. Avoid getting caught up!

When you arrive at the venue from the church or when guests are finished congratulating you at the venue, follow your photographer right away. They should know how to lead you away from guests in order to preform the scheduled set of shoots. Otherwise you are at risk to loose your precious extra 20-30 minutes at drinks reception.

If you do get caught up by an Uncle Bob, politely say the same thing you said at the church. Let them know that there are enough snacks and drinks to enjoy before you get back in a short while.

3. Preparing for family shots in advance!

Equip your maid of honour and your best man with the responsibility of rounding up families for photographs in advance. Otherwise there will be too much time lost and you'll end up annoyed and exhausted with getting everyone together. Getting people for family shots takes about 15-20 minutes, that is the valuable time you don't want to loose to enjoy your drink reception.

4. Be present!

Don't disappear to the lady's room for touch ups with your bridesmaids. Little chit chats can cost you 20 minutes of time! Ask your maid of honour to top up your lipstick or fix your hair on the spot. It shouldn't take more than 3-5 minutes. Plus you won't get caught up with guests coming out of the bathroom.

I hope it sheds some light on how much time can be lost at drinks reception. Follow these tips and you'll leave your photographer stress free plus you will have your desired time to enjoy the company of your loved ones before you sit down for dinner!