Why you need a Wedding Stylist

As a wedding photographer I've seen it all. I've seen weddings being DIYed, styled by professionals and simply laid back and organised by a couple. In order to decide whether or not you want to hire a Wedding Stylist you have to answer yourself, what category you are falling into?

You have loads of ideas from Pinterest? You are still struggling to make it look as authentic? You want your personality to shine through? Then asking for and expert advice is exactly what you need.

It all starts with your dress, with the story of your life together with your fiancé and your personality. Your Pinterest board may look like a hectic mess but you will soon find out that a wedding stylist has already figured it all out for you. They will set the table, run through the favours, put in little details around your venue, invite your guests with an invitation that will show them a sneak peak into your upcoming wedding. 

When the guests will arrive on the day they will say that the place looks amazing and that they can see you and your fiancé in the details. They will feel relaxed and open to meeting new people, enjoying their time celebrating the day with you.

At the end of the day all this is what it is all about. It is about your personality, it is about celebration, comfort and showing that you care! Let the wedding stylist help you shine through the day stress free, surprise yourself it is priceless!

Ideas on who to work with:

Hand Made Weddings | The Wedding Expert | Lesielé Juliet

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