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I was recently shooting a blog post about lipsticks for my dear friend who is getting married in September when she asked me if it would be okay to wear a bright red lipstick on her wedding day. I instantly thought of a few things you should think about before deciding. 

Skin Tone

During your trial ask your make up artist for advice, what shades of lipsticks would suit your skin tone. I'm confident that a qualified professional will know what they are talking about when suggesting. Then try them out! Yes try different variations to see what you like best!

Your Personality

Do you EVER wear bold lipstick in real life, even if you go out on nights out? If you don't, don't do it. Then it's just not you. You shouldn't be feeling conscious as to how people may react to the new colour on your lips even if it suits you. Feel free and confident and pick the shades that complement your personality. Remember you want your husband to recognise you at the end of the isle... 

Colour Scheme

The theme of your wedding will determine the colours you can use in your lipstick choice. If you are planning a creamy, peachy and airy type of colour scheme for your wedding, I doubt that a bright red will suit the atmosphere. 

Think about your flowers. The one and only piece of colour that you will be carrying with you throughout the day are your flowers. The consistency in shades and colours is the best way to go! 

Bonus Tip: Don't forget about your teeth. A perfect shade for your skin complexion will make your teeth look more white not yellow! However you should think about whitening your teeth before the wedding day anyway.

For tips on how to make the lipstick last and how to take care of it during the day, ask your make up artist!