What Do Couples Compliment Me On The Most

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It's funny and awkward to be talking about myself in a way that is sort of 'bragging' but if I won't do it, you will never know why I'm so great and why you should choose me as your wedding photographer.

Jokes aside, there's no arrogance intended. I'm here to help you evaluate what you should be looking for in your wedding photographer. 

Recently I've been collecting Google reviews to help my clients draw up a picture of my personality through people I've worked with before. I was surprised to see that the things I was most  complimented on were 'friendly', 'professional', 'kind' and 'easy to work with'. 

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Why do I think they say that? It's because my ability to work with people consists of listening, perceiving behaviour and being patient. Kindness comes from being open, being who you are with people who are so open and so happy on one of the biggest days of their lives. 

Professionalism comes from being able to understand when to step in, when to step out, when to involve someone to help you and when to wrap things up because it's either cold or because my couple wants to enjoy the day with the guests.

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In my mind being a good photographer is being a good psychologist. It is crucial for a couple to know that they will be understood without communicating a single word. It is about helping the groom to put on that temperamental buttonhole (Oh those very temperamental buttonholes... I have a whole blogpost dedicated to this) And yes, it is about encouraging everyone around you that they look beautiful, because they do and it feels nice when you are seen.

Amongst other technical qualities that a photographer possesses, you should be able to feel that they are kind, funny and simply a normal person like the rest of us.